Latest News from E-Cig Companies

Following a trend in the industry, V2 Cigs is the latest to add an extra-strength nicotine option to their cartridge lineup as well as their e-liquid offerings. The 24mg option is available with starter kits and refill orders, and can be chosen for Congress, Sahara, Red, Peppermint, Mint Tea and Menthol flavors. They’ve also released a new product line of disposable electronic cigarettes, more powerful and lighter to hold, in both Red and Menthol. Finally, for eliquid customers V2 added vanilla and coffee to their flavor lineup, and has a newly-redesigned blank cartridge, which has an improved screw on cap and better efficiency.

Speaking of new flavors, there’s a new one at Green Smoke: Mountain Clove. They’re the first major e-cigarette company to take this flavor that’s popular in tobacco shops, particularly among younger smokers, and make it available in an ecig cartridge. Another innovation from Green Smoke: a green recycling program. If you hold onto 80 used carts, you can call them for free return shipping and in return receive credit that will let you buy a pack of new carts.

In the “new disposable” category, White Cloud has an entry there. The “Fling Mini” is as light and as small as a regular cigarette, but has the same reliable guts as their standard ecigs, and it costs only $5.95.

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